The professional Linda Oestreich is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and was the 2007-2008 President of STC. She has been a member of STC since 1979 and has held administrative council jobs in both the San Diego and Houston chapters. In addition to many years on the International STC Board of Directors, she held varied STC positions, including Program Manager of the STC Annual Conference in 1995, co-manager of Programs for the 2001 Region 5 Conference, and three years as Director-Sponsor for Region 5, which allowed her to travel all around Texas and six other southwestern states. Linda belongs to the Technical Editing, International, and Management SIGs. In October 2008, through a collaboration of STC with People to People Ambassador Programs, Linda led a delegation of technical communicators to China for a professional exchange of information with businesses and industry in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guilin. Linda has spent her 30-year career in technical communication as a technical communicator–mostly as a technical editor, instructor, and manager. She is currently a business analyst for The Marlin Alliance, a business transformation and consulting company, where she supports the Human Resources Director at the San Diego Headquarters of the  Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center. She also teaches online courses in Technical Editing and Information Design for the Technical Communications Certificate program at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD)–Extension. Linda holds a BA in English from UCSD, has a teaching credential from San Diego Community College District, and has a certificate in project management from Rice University.

The personal Linda has had a prosperous life and, in retrospect, has appreciated every minute of it–even the times that were challenging! She was the child of a military man and moved often during her early years. She thinks she attended more than a dozen grammar schools, but luckily, her dad’s last duty station was San Diego, and that’s where Linda now lives. In 1990, she moved from San Diego to Sugar Land, Texas, and lived there for almost 15 years–but that story will come in another blog at another time. She loves to travel and has taken advantage of the opportunity to do so through her jobs and her STC work.

Blaze in a contemplative moment…

Linda enjoys reading and gardening and hanging out with her wonderful friends and her big, goofy dog, Blaze. She tends to be the person who gathers folks for an occasional party or arranges for groups to get together who might not do so if she didn’t make it happen. She is crazy about her daughter, Connie, and she loves her critters. You can be sure that the Oestreich house will always have one or more dogs and cats in it to be complete. Linda has learned that life is what you make it and she works hard to make it pretty darned wonderful. She hopes to make this blog something that will offer value to those who come here…but it has a long way to go until she gets there! Thanks for hanging around.  And, remember this quote from a dear friend of hers,  “What you think about, you bring about!”


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    We exchanged emails last year, we worked with Janice in Houston. You mentioned a visit to Houston this year, please reply at your convenience.



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