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Holidailies #3: Rain!

On December 3, 2014 By

It’s wet outside! OH MY!  Rain has been falling on and off for more than 24 hours in San Diego. All 1.37 million of us (or thereabouts) are thrilled. Even those of us who have been caught in horrendous traffic are still pleased that we have rain. And, traffic is an issue. No one (except […]

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Six months into 2011…

On June 2, 2011 By

June 2, 2011. Another beautiful day in paradise. Rather than write a narrative, I believe I’ll follow the lead of my friend, Mary Wise, and share a list! This is my list of 10 cool things I’ve done so far this year: 1. Visited the coastal redwood forests of northern California and drove the Avenue of the Giants […]

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