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Blogging for my kid…

On February 20, 2013 By

This month, I was the first guest blogger on my daughter’s SeviBeau website.  So, rather than repeat it all here, I decided to just give you the link. That way, you can peruse her site, look at the Beauty Within Tribute, and maybe even buy some jewelry! I’ve got a couple of blogs percolating, and I hope […]

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Six months into 2011…

On June 2, 2011 By

June 2, 2011. Another beautiful day in paradise. Rather than write a narrative, I believe I’ll follow the lead of my friend, Mary Wise, and share a list! This is my list of 10 cool things I’ve done so far this year: 1. Visited the coastal redwood forests of northern California and drove the Avenue of the Giants […]

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